Prepare your birth 

Time for preparation for birth and parent networking in Denmark, news from Yogamidwife Camilla Lund

I just had 4 wonderfull couples for a birth workshop – they had been looking for a class for preparing for birth, and there are not many places where english speaking couple can network and be prepared for birth in Denmark.
I form network groups for supporting new families and for a informed birth choice
when you start your family here.If you want to join the next one we are just now arranging dates – your welcome and welcome to share this,to women you know needs it.

On my webpage you can find beautiful birth videos and info on how to write me and find out more
Kind wishes Camilla Lund

“I was terrified of giving birth in a foreign country, not speaking the language or understanding the system. I had gone to all the normal midwife and doctors appointments but still felt I was lacking information.
Then I was fortunate enough to attend one of Camilla’s preparation for birth classes. She was calm, competent, knowledgeable and so nice. I felt completely relaxed and it was easy to open up to her and ask her my questions.
I am now relaxed and feeling confident in my abilities as a woman to give birth, and also in the abilities of the hospital staff and the danish system. It was the best 4 hours I have ever spent and I cannot recommend this course highly enough. I am truly grateful to Camilla for empowering me and helping me to prepare for my birth.
Merry Haarder.”
“I have always believed that childbirth education is worth checking out even if the only thing you are sure about your birth is that you are getting an epidural. The classes provided by Camilla were very enlightening and provided detailed information about what to expect when in labor. The fact that Camilla is a midwife and is fully aware of how it happens on the “backstage” is great and very reassuring. My husband also enjoyed the sessions and took a lot out of it. The breathing and natural pain relievers taught by Camilla were very helpful during labor and I am very grateful for taken part on these sessions”. Andrea
The workshop takes place in a cozy environment, where you are able to feel relaxed while you learn about the birth phases, what is expected and even what can go wrong. Moreover, as a woman you gain confidence on what your own body can achieve during labor and birth, while your partner learns how he can be there for you.

Camilla guided us through birth process in the Danish healthcare system – which might be very different to your own country’s – and she answered all questions we had during the workshop. Even after some weeks, she continues to guide us and answer any doubts we might have.

Carolina Arango
I wanted to say thank you again for the class on Sunday. It was really nice to have a face-to-face talk with someone and get good, practical advice from a friendly person!

I also saw a message from my husband to his mum saying that the class was ‘amazing and really helpful’ so I think you helped to take his head out of the sand ;)we really did find the class incredibly helpful in a down-to-earth and interesting way, and feel much better prepared from it. Thank you!