Birthpreparation in Copenhagen and Nordsjælland <3

Being pregnant in Denmark
It can be challenging to be pregnant, and at the same time maybe also new in Denmark. Away from family and friends, not knowing anything about Danish birthculture and how the birth will be, what to expect from danish healthcare and midwifes here in DK.

That is why Yogamidwife offers a full day with all info on the birth, a 100% preparation for birth with practical, theoretical, body, breath and movement workshop for couples – no other class is needed after you have participated here – and it will also give you the opportunity to form new network in Denmark with other parents to be
We have met so many wonderful couples, the last 12 years, and are happy that they are driving all the way here from Copenhagen, Roskilde, Nordsjælland Lyngby Hillerød Helsingør to prepare for birth, and we will be happy to also wellcome you and your family

Next meeting

English workshop for couples 100%
Time: 12.00 – 18.30
Date: 06.10 2018
Price: 1500 kr (tilskud fra danmark)

At the workshop you will meet other couples that are from all over the world, they are in the same situation. A long way from family and support during pregnancy and less help in the following months with a small baby. It can be a real life saver to form a new family-baby network so you can support each other

In Denmark usually the Nurse- Sundhedsplejerske form a mothergroup – but usually they speak danish  – We have made an initiative and will help you form Mothergroups in your own area – they are forming right now and you can create your own even before birth, please join the Yogamidwife international couples group on FB, we are trying to form groups for all new families, help us share the initiative, so all new international families will be abel to form network in Denmark

If you want to know more about babies, pregnancy and follow you can also join Yogamidwife and Uniquebirth info pages in english on facebook

We look forward to meet you and hope we can help you feel 100% ready and then some

Love from

Midwife and Yogateacher Camilla Lund
AKA Yogamidwife


Read more here about your options for birth-preparation on the link

1. Birthworkshop  – prepare for birth – couples
English birth preparing classes. We will talk about natural birth, and what can happen during birth, if the birth does`nt progress as planed. What can midwifes and doctors do to help you in theese situations. What is possible in Denmark, medical help, birthing positions, massage, train the important birthbreath and learn about the body pain reliefe system. You will learn how to use the body and breath and we have a body-breath movement workshop included so you and your partner know exactly how to give birth and when to use the different Yogamidwife birthing technics, that includes, birth breath, movements, massage, the most important, and  crucial support, both physical and mental support,  and how to do a “body-reading” and how to communicate during birth so you know what is needed as support and how you get the support you need. communication is important between all helpers and the woman.

How is it to be the father or helper during birth, what is expected and how is life in the new family. The day will be just as relevant for the mother and the father, and will fully prepare you for birth. I belive that knowledge will make you feel calm, ready and prepared.
You will learn to give massage and will recieve a number of questions before the actual class so the day will be tailormade, for the participating couples. You will not need other preparation classes, its in one day and all is included.

Many couples becomes friends after the class and can help, support and follow eachother after birth. The class is right now, only available, in Nordsjælland Kokkedal/Karlebo in my yogacenter because I am still affected after an accident.
When you write for a new class, that is`nt listet, then we arrange the date and time together, and you can influence the date and time. usually 11.oo-17.oo on weekends
Price 1500 kr for couples, see the menu Tilmeld hold  for dates, or how to join the infolist if there isn’t a date yet. You can follow the class online if you cant be here.

Father: Camilla is one of the Greatest teachers I have ever met. The way she delivered her knowledge and experience made me feel I could have assisted my wife effectively even without the help of a midwife. Actually the midwife said we handled the labor extre

Dear all upcoming fathers (and mothers) I would like to share a little story with you. When my wife Lene started to attended yoga classes at Camillas yoga studio she often told me – with great enthusiasm – about the little talks they had about their pregnancy before the workout started. I thought to myself “wow she is going to be extremely well prepared for her upcoming birth”. One day Lene told me that Camilla were having a private seminar for both moms and dads (to be) I immediately said “I would love to attend” l’m a pilot by profession and I always give my crew a thorough briefing before a flight. I always feel very comfortable when things have been discussed and looked upon from all angles before we set out on our journey, – as if my comfort zone has been expanded beyond what is needed.

After a whole day of Camillas teachings about birth and every aspect covered in every way – I felt ready for a “flight” were anything could happen – and I would still come out on top. When my wife went into labor everything happened very quickly. The water broke in a big splash and time between contractions was immediately less than 30 seconds. At the hospital Lene opened up in about 2 hours – the master plan was scratched and we had to improvise. Things happened so fast that the midwife didn’t have time to sedate my wife. She bravely kept going through the pain assisted by her breathing techniques only. I cried a little every time she had to fight through a contraction. But somehow – at the same time – I felt calm and composed. I owe that to Camillas teachings. We kept breathing together and I assisted on the oxygen mask when needed. I was prepared for everything – when they had to extract blood from my sons head to read his vital levels to see if we could proceed safely or had to revert to other measures I knew exactly what was going on.
mely well. Today we’re the proud parents of little Sebastian. We wish you the very best with your labor and hope it will be as positive an experience as our was. Anders

 From fear to confidence: “I was terrified of giving birth in a foreign country, not speaking the language or understanding the system. I had gone to all the normal midwife and doctors appointments but still felt I was lacking information.
Then I was fortunate enough to attend one of Camilla’s preparation for birth classes. She was calm, competent, knowledgeable and so nice. I felt completely relaxed and it was easy to open up to her and ask her my questions.

I am now relaxed and feeling confident in my abilities as a woman to give birth, and also in the abilities of the hospital staff and the danish system. It was the best 4 hours I have ever spent and I cannot recommend this course highly enough. I am truly grateful to Camilla for empowering me and helping me to prepare for my birth. Merry Haarder.”

Detailed Information: “I have always believed that childbirth education is worth checking out even if the only thing you are sure about your birth is that you are getting an epidural. The classes provided by Camilla were very enlightening and provided detailed information about what to expect when in labor. The fact that Camilla is a midwife and is fully aware of how it happens on the “backstage” is great and very reassuring. My husband also enjoyed the sessions and took a lot out of it. The breathing and natural pain relievers taught by Camilla were very helpful during labor and I am very grateful for taken part on these sessions”. Andrea  

Both are now prepared: The workshop takes place in a cozy environment, where you are able to feel relaxed while you learn about the birth phases, what is expected and even what can go wrong. Moreover, as a woman you gain confidence on what your own body can achieve during labor and birth, while your partner learns how he can be there for you.

Camilla guided us through birth process in the Danish healthcare system – which might be very different to your own country’s – and she answered all questions we had during the workshop. Even after some weeks, she continues to guide us and answer any doubts we might have.
Carolina Arango

Amazing: I wanted to say thank you again

for the class on Sunday. It was really nice to have a face-to-face
talk with someone and get good, practical advice from a friendly
person! I also saw a message from my husband to his mum saying that the class was
‘amazing and really helpful’ so I think you helped to take his head
out of the sand 😉 we really did find the class incredibly helpful in a down-to-earth and
interesting way, and feel much better prepared from it. Thank you!

 Asking and getting all our questions answered: Can’t say enough good things about the birthing workshop with Camilla. Before going, my husband and I didn’t really know what to expect, about the class itself and birth and labor in general.  It was really great to have such a small group of people, meet other expectant mothers and have to the opportunity to listen to Camilla’s great advice as well as ask her as many questions or wonderings we had.  Upon finishing the day, we felt much more knowledgeable about what to expect and felt prepared if any complications were to arise.  I definitely recommend this workshop to help you feel prepared and ready, as well as to meet others going through the same thing as yourself. It’s nice to know you’re not alone!  K.